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My town

This is a picture taken today just outside my little town.
The mandatory Catholic church dominates the town and is ALWAYS the highest structure in any small country town.
This is the main crossroad in town and we have no traffic lights at all and darn few stop signs.
People jaywalk regularly and nobody tries to run them down.
We don’t have what the big cities have but we have each other and the we respect our community.
I’m sure, like small towns in the country across North America…..every second vehicle is a pickup….mine’s a Chev.


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Strong……AND dangerous.

Don’t let his cute looks and pretty smile fool you. He’d have you for breakfast and not lose a wink of sleep.
You can see by the look in his eye that PERHAPS I was getting a little too close for his comfort and he was letting me know.
These are buffalo raised by a farm just 2 minutes out of town so you see I didn’t have to go very far for critter pictures……now a SKYSCRAPER….that’s different!
Obviously it’s molting season up here with temperatures well into the 80′s and I imagine they feel more comfortable with their warm coat off.
I’ll get some pictures when winter shows signs of arriving….again, and they’ll have on their winter woollies big-time!


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If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise!!

Arranged neatly in rows is not what Mother Nature does best.
Random ………. big, small, stunted and twisted is her style.
A rabbit playground, the perfect place for the infamous ‘Woodland Slalom’ they apparently hold every other year.


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Fastner Frolics

Who knows what your fasteners get up to when you turn out the lights.
I could have sworn that these zippers were MILES apart when I put the hockey bag away for the summer but just lOOk at what they tried to do!
Good thing I caught it in time.
All I need is MORE zips on that bag.


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When I brushed away the cobwebs……

This picture was taken……hmmm….MANY moons ago.
My best friend…( still is ) and his then girlfriend on his ALMOST new Triumph Tiger Cub……that should be a ‘vintage’ hint
We thought we were hot stuff.
Colorized and improved to the best of my current ability I present it here.
When I have a day off I’m going to send him a copy…..just because!
WOW….memories of my past.
P.S. He hasn’t seen this picture in MANY years!!


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Sunset silhouette

I took this tonight on the way home from work.
I’m lucky enough to work down a lightly traveled semi-tarred road so I take my quad both ways and usually have my camera around my neck….just in case.
MY quad is the one at the bottom right of every page….the one that ISN’T stuck in the bog…..LOL.
I’m the ‘puller’…not the ‘pullee’.


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Lots of new barns out there but this one did it for me.

We have lots of barns around here…..because we have lots of farmers, but this old barn had a appeal for me because it had history….written in every missing board.


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Round and delicious,,,,if you’re bovine.

Taken this morning on my way to the dump these are a pretty common sight around here this time of year.
Not my kind of chow but then…..I’m glad it’s theirs.
ALL comments welcomed.


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1st Landscape pano posted anywhere.

It may not be perfect but it’s my first posted pano since I acquired the software.
I like it slightly better than what comes with E 8 but it’s all very personal.
This was taken the other evening from the door of our tiny 14 foot 44 year old camper.
We are alone on the lake save 1 other local that and will be there most of the summer.
It’s public land but not that well known….lucky for us!
We go down when we have a day off and fish or relax.
Lots of fun.
P.S. For anyone wanting to try a panorama it’s easy and this software is free.
It’s called Hugin Panorama Stitcher.


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I’m hiding….bet you can’t see me !

Grabbed a shot of this Northern Flicker ( I think ) as he hopped about looking for worms.
They don’t seem to like seeds but love worms.
They’re pretty shy and it’s always a challenge to get them on film.


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