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Round and delicious,,,,if you’re bovine.

Taken this morning on my way to the dump these are a pretty common sight around here this time of year.
Not my kind of chow but then…..I’m glad it’s theirs.
ALL comments welcomed.


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1st Landscape pano posted anywhere.

It may not be perfect but it’s my first posted pano since I acquired the software.
I like it slightly better than what comes with E 8 but it’s all very personal.
This was taken the other evening from the door of our tiny 14 foot 44 year old camper.
We are alone on the lake save 1 other local that and will be there most of the summer.
It’s public land but not that well known….lucky for us!
We go down when we have a day off and fish or relax.
Lots of fun.
P.S. For anyone wanting to try a panorama it’s easy and this software is free.
It’s called Hugin Panorama Stitcher.


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I’m hiding….bet you can’t see me !

Grabbed a shot of this Northern Flicker ( I think ) as he hopped about looking for worms.
They don’t seem to like seeds but love worms.
They’re pretty shy and it’s always a challenge to get them on film.


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Powerful in the air and on the ground.

This hawk swooped down this morning and grabbed one of our birds.
We don’t know which one and perhaps it was a squirrel….hope so.
He stood there eating it, unafraid of anything in HIS world and looked around..just to be sure.
Unfortunately my dog saw him and IMMEDIATELY made a run for him and the hawk took off…dinner in the mouth.
NOW unfortunately all the birds are terrified and I wonder how long the effect of this predator will last at our feeders.
Sadly, I suppose perhaps we unwittingly played into the hawk’s hands ( talons ) but providing a place where HIS prey congregate.
Nothing to do…nature will have it’s way.
If anyone knows from the picture what kind of hawk this is please write it on the page.

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Jack saw him before I did…..thus the mediocre pic

Fortunately my dog Jack saw this moose….Unfortunately he saw it before I saw it and not in time to get a PURRRFECT picture of it….but sometimes you have to be happy with what you DID get.
We see a fair amount here but APPARENTLY they know when I’m out and about with the Canon and hide.
This was just a young’un…..didn’t know the tradition and exposed himself ( herself maybe ).
This was taken a few metres from my house.


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Humour…..but the picture is moving

This is a video I made about a week ago one evening trying to view/download a free Photoshop video.
I don’t want to spoil it so please have a look and let me know what you think.
If you like it feel free to pass it on.
Ironically I couldn’t post it on Youtube…so my son did it for me, as you will see in the description.
I will post a humour picture another time but in view of recent events at the forum with my problems it seemed appropriate,
Enjoy….at my expense.

P.S. I HOPE posting this link doesn’t break any rules but if it does please just remove it…no hard feelings.

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Self Portrait

Went out yesterday…my only day off in a LONG time…and decided to go geocaching….if you don’t know what it is go here…
It’s a sort of adult hide and seek with a gps…lots of fun, free and they ‘re everywhere around the world.
Even tiny towns like where I live have lots.
We did it with our kids and anyone who wants to join us for a walk in the woods.
Met some muggles while I was at the cache and they kindly took my picture for me.
Pine and Sumac in the background as well as a small deep lake called Ink Lake.


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