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Leading Lines Winding Road.

I took this picture last evening and processed as a 3 exposure HDR.

The sky was quite dramatic as it was late evening but as a consequence the dark bush area was severely underexposed.

Tripod in hand I took 3 and hopefully came out with an HDR picture more dramatic than the 3 individually.

My first posted HDR I was inspired by Ron’s HDR pictures at


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Animal…..and a big one too!

I’m not very knowledgeable about horses but this one belongs to the brother of my next door neighbour.

He uses him to pull a sleigh for firewood in the wintertime often…I’ll see if i can get a nice picture of him this winter.

As I said, I don’t know much about horses but I believe he’s a Percheron.

In any case he’s BIG !

Caught him posing in the late evening sun this evening as I was on my way for a sunset shot….never did make it….but I rather like the look of him and he sure suits the theme.


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Today’s theme is frosted so i thought what better representation of frosted than a cool one?

We had a nice hot day today…about 80 f and even though I took this picture a few days ago I had a fresh one today and it tasted just as good as this one did.

In the glass was not what the glass indicated but a Canadian favorite….James Ready 5.5 a ‘buck’ beer made by the Moosehead brewing company.

They did a FINE job but I wasn’t sure if the quality was up to snuff so I ‘tested’ another…just to make sure.



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Tractors….just some of them.

This is my friend and neighbour Marc’s farm from his front field.

He has a fair amount of tractors….more than the # of kids he has to drive them anyway.

He has another large one somewhere off the picture as well as an antique one for show.

He had this many lined up today so it’ll do.

I only have about 80 acres, mostly trees and water while he has 10 times as much which is nearly ALL under cultivation.

One of these days I’ll go visit and get some REAL farm pictures from his large and prosperous dairy operation.


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Every day sight……like sunrise.

No matter what the weather has been this summer one bird is ALWAYS around……the doves.

We have about 3 regular pairs.

Other birds come and go…or prefer certain feeders or certain seeds or certain times of day .

Some won’t feed from the spilled seeds on the ground or are so skittish it must be agony for them but the doves are always there….seeming to prefer to feed from the spilled seeds and only perching to rest….tired from eating one presumes.

Not much scares them and when the other birds are frightened away or finished for the day I can count on the doves to STILL be there….munching away.

First ones in and last ones out.

Ya gotta love them!

This one is perched on the handle of my lawn mower after a rain the other day.


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Seven…..and counting.

This picture was taken almost by accident this afternoon while trying to get a nicely posed picture of my dog Jack.

When I went to edit the picture later I realized there were a LOT of fuel containers in the picture…perhaps more than the ‘normal’ person.

Having said that I feel in order NOT to give the impression I am quickly losing brain cells or am so forgetful that I buy another, not remembering I already have 1 I will explain them…..somewhat.

The 2 larger ones…5 gallons…are for diesel. I am not a farmer and don’t have fuel delivered to a tank on the property, I need to buy it 10 gal at a go.

The next 2 large ones…a 5 gal and a 3 gal are for my vehicles…a truck and a Toyota….for emergencies only.

Next is a 2 gallon one for high test gas for my quad and my Honda lawn mower…they BOTH perform better with top quality gas.

Next is a 1 gallon with regular gas/oil mix for my old Lawnboy 2 stroke mower and backup for any mix oil shortages and lastly is a 1 gallon for my hightest gas and oil mix for my Husqvarna chain saw and my Stihl trimmer…..again BOTH work better with high test gas.

I realize even with an explanation it might sound a bit overkill but it works for me.


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Flight….The Canada style.

I saw these 4 lonely Canada geese overhead the other day and grabbed a quick shot.

It couldn’t help but remind me that fall will soon be here and after that….well….that ‘cooler’ time of year.

Pretty soon we will see HUGE flocks of these and I’ll try and remember to get a shot as they go overhead.

The sound of their calls and the sheer numbers of them is astounding and definitely worth another picture.


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