Now THAT’S field hockey!

08 May

I took this picture last winter one day on my way to town.

I usually take the dirt side-road and every year I see the kids enjoying the farmer’s flooded fields as a super-sized rink.

2 nets ( always available around here ) , a group of kids ( any number or gender will do ), and the game is on.

field hockey Canadian style-2

As I was taking the shot MORE kids were arriving. The cell phone I presume has replaced the ‘bush telegraph’ of my day.

As an interesting sidelight notice only 1 person is wearing a helmet…..2 are wearing the traditional toque and one of them is a girl!

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One response to “Now THAT’S field hockey!

  1. Tom Cooper

    May 8, 2013 at 10:25 am

    A similar event happened to me several years ago when I was wooing my present wife and I brought a shovel and skates to clear a pond in the middle of a snowy golf course in the dead of winter. We skated for two or three days until it snowed again but have wonderful memories of the simpler pleasures that come our way if we’re observant and young at heart. Thanks Wayne!


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