That’s a LOT of bull!

20 May

About 5 km from my house I saw a bunch of nice looking cows in a field where there normally are only miniature horses.

On my way to a nearby town but not being in a hurry AND as always, having my camera on the seat beside me, I stopped to check them out.

They were relaxing in a grove of small birch trees and I nearly considered jumping the fence to get the angle I wanted.

Just about then….well…..just BEFORE I made that decision I chanced to see this fellow coming out from behind them.

bull resized

Even though he seemed docile AND very politely invited me to come over and pet him….I declined.

Took a few quick snaps and back to the car….no hurry.

I don’t know what breed he is as there are mostly beef or dairy cattle around here and this is not a breed I am familiar with.

If anyone knows…feel free to let me know.

My best guess…..Longhorn……duh!

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One response to “That’s a LOT of bull!

  1. John & Lois

    May 20, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    He does have a wicked set of horns.


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