How could you shoot her?

18 Oct

Yesterday, while returning from my final day cooking at the lodge I work at I saw these 2 beautiful does in a field.

IMG_3545-photopop resized

Moving as slowly and carefully as I could I managed to get up to the fence-line and using a fencepost to steady the camera I took about 10 minutes worth of pictures before they casually sauntered off.

IMG_3560-photopop resized

We have lots of wildlife around here but being as it’s now hunting season I was very surprised to see them.

From their size I would guess they were quite young and had not yet learned to fear people.

The second, and smaller of the 2 spent most of the time laying down in the long grass leaving me just a view of it’s head but thankfully her sister was not so shy and proudly pranced around, largely ignoring me until I made a small sound or movement intended to alert her just enough to create a ‘pose’.

I hope you like them.

P.S. Obviously they are Whitetails.

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