Pano of a Promise

16 Aug

second2bpano2busing2btopaz-finalThis lake is caller Mercer Lake and it USED to have lots of Pike and Bass…..even the odd Muskie but sadly….as ease of access is gained…up here, largely via the logging roads dozed through the otherwise pristine wilderness give access, first, to the tough 4 wheel trucks and quads but soon….even people pulling campers are capable of making the trip and wilderness is just another place to launch your boat.

This lovely lake, once home to large Pike and Bass is almost empty these days and what is left is NOT given a chance to grow and breed and raise their young in safety.

The new ‘breed’ of fishermen take them all….even the small…..sad.

This picture is a 10 shot pano I took just before sunset when everyone had gone home and the lake was allowed to rest.

I used Topaz and gave it a decidedly ‘surreal’ look as a tribute to the life it might still possess.

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One response to “Pano of a Promise

  1. Tom Cooper

    August 17, 2015 at 3:22 am

    Despite your comments about how the public have abused this little lake, its beauty still remains and you’ve done a very admirable job on your shooting and your post processing of this panorama Wayne. Take a bow. Good to see you back out and sharing your images with us again.


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