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Last Voyage

I took this picture while on vacation in Newfoundland and recently did a search on the name of the ship.

To my great surprise I found another photo blog that featured a picture of this self same boat taken in 2006.

IMG_1867E resized

The photographer ( Gary Barfitt ) in that case had taken it because it was colourful and despite it’s obvious age presented a confident air with someone up the mast doing some work.

This is, sadly, the other side of Atlantic fishing.

mario g in better days 2006-1

I am unaware of any further information regarding this vessel but if anyone knows any more I would be delighted to hear about it


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How could you shoot her?

Yesterday, while returning from my final day cooking at the lodge I work at I saw these 2 beautiful does in a field.

IMG_3545-photopop resized

Moving as slowly and carefully as I could I managed to get up to the fence-line and using a fencepost to steady the camera I took about 10 minutes worth of pictures before they casually sauntered off.

IMG_3560-photopop resized

We have lots of wildlife around here but being as it’s now hunting season I was very surprised to see them.

From their size I would guess they were quite young and had not yet learned to fear people.

The second, and smaller of the 2 spent most of the time laying down in the long grass leaving me just a view of it’s head but thankfully her sister was not so shy and proudly pranced around, largely ignoring me until I made a small sound or movement intended to alert her just enough to create a ‘pose’.

I hope you like them.

P.S. Obviously they are Whitetails.

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“Did I do that?”

I took this picture in a nearby town in Newfoundland.

IMG_3349 Bird-talk-resized

I had a more ‘elaborate’ caption in mind but this one, for me at any rate, filled the bill with both simplicity and humour.

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Moon over the hilltop

I caught the moon just as it started it’s journey.

Across from my house, not quite visible in the last shot, there is a fair-sized hill.

I waited until the moon gave me the shot I liked and only later did my wife tell me it looked much like the E.T. opening shot.

moon over the hilltop

The red light in the lower right is the buoy marking the harbor entrance  and the others are houses on the hillside on the other side of the harbor.

Obviously the partial blockages are trees on the top of the hill.

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Moody day on the East coast of the East coast.

This picture was taken from my front porch.

Just around the point on the left you CAN’T see the nearest land East

It’s 4000 km away, the shores of England.

next stop England

It probably looks a lot like this since we used to be one continent….. Pangaea.

Weather here on the island is INCREDIBLY changeable and often storms come and go within minutes……much like the prairies.


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Almost brand new!

I saw this ‘little’ family the other day on the way back from work.

Sometime in the late afternoon on a hazy day it just missed being a better shot when mum saw me at the last moment and turned her head.


Still and all it sure made a nice family shot.

P.S, She S L O W L Y made her way to the side of the road while her babies caught up to her.

I waited….even more patient than them.

My best guess is they are about a week old or less.


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That’s a LOT of bull!

About 5 km from my house I saw a bunch of nice looking cows in a field where there normally are only miniature horses.

On my way to a nearby town but not being in a hurry AND as always, having my camera on the seat beside me, I stopped to check them out.

They were relaxing in a grove of small birch trees and I nearly considered jumping the fence to get the angle I wanted.

Just about then….well…..just BEFORE I made that decision I chanced to see this fellow coming out from behind them.

bull resized

Even though he seemed docile AND very politely invited me to come over and pet him….I declined.

Took a few quick snaps and back to the car….no hurry.

I don’t know what breed he is as there are mostly beef or dairy cattle around here and this is not a breed I am familiar with.

If anyone knows…feel free to let me know.

My best guess…..Longhorn……duh!

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