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Spring has sprung….the grass has riz….I wonder where the birdies is?

Now I’m SURE this will make some of you positively groan but IF you look carefully….you will ALMOST         see-shore at the top of the picture.

Ron taught me that one and despite protests that it is cheating or near-cheating he ASSURES me it is nothing more than  bad spelling, theme groping/grasping/bending/molding/twisting…..take whichever you please.

This is a little pond/stream that crosses my property and now that the ice has all but gone Jack loves to spend some time in the icy water….what a show-off!

The textures created by the thin and melting ice have left an almost ‘jaw’ like look to the remaining mini ice floes.

As well the shadows underneath are clearly visible as the ice is so thin the light goes through it and reflects back off the water lighting up the underside of the projecting tongues of ice.

Now why they are bent upwards at the tips I don’t know and you don’t always see it but often you do.

In any case I really liked the look and textures of this little ice projection and thought it worthy of a little ‘theme-stretching’.

I think it might be worth looking at the larger size as well.


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