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These pictures were taken today….with my ‘almost’ new SD card…..from my other camera and I really DON’T like playing “musical cards”.

Not wanting to put ALL my eggs in 1 basket I ordered a 3 X 8 gig QUALITY SD cards from……couldn’t believe the great price AND free shipping.

Sorry…..not intended to be am Amazon ad there but PRETTY excited.

These were both taken with the 60 D and at the little creek that crosses my property.

I think the different coloration in them is due mostly to the background enviornment as I did no colour modification aside from crop, reduce size and sharpen a tad.

Each has it’s own appeal and the second one looks as if it is clouds in the sky reflecting on the water… fact it was a PURE blue sky and what you see is residual ice under the water….made much more clear in the upper picture.

Just a few feet apart they are, I think radically different and I really like the ‘watercolourish’ rippling of the reed reflections of the lower one…..wish I had had the skill to do them that well when I was painting watercolours…..sigh.


I hope you enjoy them both and if you have a preference….SHOUT out!


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