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I took this just a few minutes before supper last night.
I was busy in the kitchen and one of the guests pointed it out to me and as luck would have it…I had my camera with me….just the S3IS but better than nothing so i grabbed a shot..just before it disappeared forever.
This shot was actually taken right out the kitchen door….I’m lucky we face the river and the sun was in the right place.


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9 petals on this Black eyed Susan

Slowly eking out the last of it’s life this Black eyed Susan is showing it’s age.
Taken a few days ago the fringes of this lovely flower have already started to show it dying back.
Everywhere on the sides of the roads this hardy and tough little beauty will definitely be back to thrill me next year.
For now, it’s bright colours and vibrant green leaves belie it’s soon to end existence.
Ah well….such is the cycle of life.


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I looked LONG and HARD for a prime rattlesnake to put up for this theme but apparently they’re aren’t that many around here….then I got REALLY lucky!!!
There….just sitting on the ground for anyone to see was a coil of barbed wire!!
WHAT A FIND…and darn near perfect for the theme so there it is….in all it’s rusty glory.
Knowing full well about it’s sharp edges and dangerous reputation I stayed well back….using the distance of my 200 mm lens to put me in a safe location and despite it’s ferocious reputation I managed to grab a bodacious close-up shot for your pleasure.


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Letter "V" in nature

I’ve been working steady and haven’t been out ‘sploring for nearly a week….and almost 1 more to go so I’ve had to resort to using a picture I took a few days ago.
Not too inspired it nonetheless fits the bill in terms of themes.
It’s the letter V and since nothing was really needed…I did nothing to it.


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Dusk…the other night and it REALLLY did look like this!

I took this picture about 3 days ago but I’ve been fairly busy at the lodge and had to use a pic not taken today.
This picture is EXACTLY as it came out of the camera except I cropped it smaller…as usual ….on account of my dialup…darn it.
We’re supposed to be getting high speed….sometime but I won’t hold my breath…just in case.
Northern lights look very close to this but this is just a VERY late sunset. Hopefully I’ll see some northern lights when/if they arrive…..and IF they’re nice this year ’cause they’re not always that spectacular.
I just checked the camera information and it was taken at 7:42…..almost sundown here….hence the rich colours.


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Lovely bright RED

It’s that time of year in the north…..fall, and the leaves are changing colour.
Most striking and dramatic are the Maple trees but all the deciduous ones change colour to some degree.
The Aspen, Birch and Poplars turn mostly yellow while many others turn brown.
I have lots of maples in my bush and this bush Maple is a bit of a show-off..having completely changed virtually overnight while most of the others are just beginning.
One observation I’ve made is the trees that change colour earliest are usually the young ( small ) ones or those that have been damaged in some way….often the very old that have limbs missing.
I guess it’s nature’s way of letting them take the spotlight….for a while…much like young people and injured people.
P.S. The term ‘bush Maple’ is what we refer to the smaller scrubby Maples….usually thin and thin and never obtaining much girth they are nonetheless STILL useful for Maple Syrup and firewood.


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Water… of my favorite pastimes.

This is from the shore of a tiny nameless lake about 1/2 k m from my home.
At the top of a dirt road going to a selection of summer homes belonging mostly to out-of-towners that I see very little of and NEVER during the winter….or really the fall.
Kept plowed because of 1 or 2 locals on the road it’s an IDEAL place to walk with Jack and my camera.
The lake is only about 3 or 4 acres in size so there’s not much in the way of fish in it and subsequently nobody is much interested in it.
I use it as my exploring place and where I will drop my canoe in for a quick evening paddle.
I tried to purchase the lake and the land around it a few years ago ( it would have been VERY cheap ) but it’s crown land and therefore NOT for sale.
Too bad for me.
Good for recreation for me however as I’ve NEVER seen anyone else on it….ever!
P.S. Crown land is land owned by the government in Canada and USUALLY is not for sale.
I call it Lake Wayne…LOL


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